Monthly Archives: February 2015

Repurposed T-shirt Dog Toy

Share Now that I have a dog I realized that I need dog toys.  Being that I refuse to buy shit I had to figure out a way to make my own.  Up late last night I cut up some old dirty work tees and make a couple of pull toys for good old Eddie Murphy.  Hope you try one for yourself. Step 1 Cut the sleeves off at the seams running around the armpit then along the top shoulders and the sides going from the armpit down.   Step 2 Cut the front or back into 9 strips and stretch them out to make them long and thin.     Step 3 Take 3 strips and begin to braid […]



The Riviv Revolution

Share By 2016 (yes next year) the richest 1% will control more than half of the wealth that is on this planet.  I agree that hard work should be rewarded but at what cost?  Why do some people have the need to continue growing their wealth by taking from others?  How is this fair and how is it going to be fixed? To start off I’d like to give my view of how we got to this point. In the beginning people we were mostly self sufficient, If you needed something you produced it or bartered for it.  In time, people started using animals to assist them in producing what they needed and this made their lives more productive and easier. […]

Seed Saving Permaculture Style

ShareThank you all who came to last nights Meet-up.  Great sharing seeds with you all and exchanging thoughts.  Here is a recap for those who couldn’t attend. Saving seeds is ever more important now that companies like Monsanto are messing with nature in a way that is new to the planet. Companies are now Genetically Modifying the Organisms we EAT!  For those who are unclear as to what GMOs are, let me explain.  A GMO happens when you take a gene from one organism (a bacteria) and place it into another organism (plants we eat).  Now the scary part is why companies are doing this.  Traditionally we spray chemicals (Bt) onto a plants to kill the bugs who want to eat it.  The problem with that […]