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DIY Soap Making

Share Soap making is another lost art that has been replaced by large corporations who offer cheaply made, synthetic cleaning agents who add ingredients that are not so skin friendly. By making my own soap I can tell these big corporations that I will no longer be paying them to slowly poison me and also I will be saving money. I have outlined the steps and ingredients I used to make my first batch of homemade cold pressed soap. Ingredients and estimated cost for good quality organics 2 cups coconut oil $10 2 cups canola oil $8 2 cups palm oil $7 6.9 oz lye $2 2 cups cold distilled water $.12 Essential oils (lavender, sage, mint or your own scents) […]



Simple DIY Worm Composting Bins

ShareSo yesterday was the second Urban Permaculture Meet and Greet Meetup and I will say it was a success.  We spoke about the importance of soil and a few options that can help.  One of the topics I really think will make a difference is composting.  Composting is something us urbanites can easily do with very little time and energy.  I briefly explained the different types of worm bins I use and people wanted some more info so here it is. Worm composting is an easy low energy way to reduce the trash you send to the landfill.  By feeding your worms kitchen scraps, shredded junk mail and some cardboard you get one of the best fertilizers out there, worm castings and for free. […]

MLK, We Still Need Change

ShareYesterday we celebrated the life of a man who choose to stand up against an unfair and unjust system.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered because of his fight for equality among people. This fight is NOT over and the issues are now bigger and broader.  The people in this country are not free and what liberties we have left are quickly being taken away. MLK spoke about 3 evils facing us, racism, militarism and economic exploitation.  The first one is obviously still here, racism.  Police are killing underprivileged kids the same way they arrested people like Rosa Parks for riding a bus.  Poor neighborhoods are neglected and underfunded while the “good” areas are given all the resources.  The second is militarism.  For all the people we killed in the Iraq […]


First Permaculture Meetup

ShareOn the same line as starting a blog, I decided to have a Permaculture Meetup and well… it was a hit!  I let people know what this Permaculture thing is and how it aligns with the solutions that people are looking for, to help make the environment a better place for all of us.  After Permaculture 101 we sat around for hours and discussed how we are going to do this.  Had some close friends there along with some new ones who are on the same page.  We planned on how we are going take over the world (well take it back). This was so fun we are going to have one weekly to keep the awareness fresh in our minds.  Please […]

What is Riviv

Share   Hello everyone my name is Dennis and I started Riviv JC to express myself after leaving the corporate life of 14 years.  Our present world has become a place where money and power is now our new religion.  We allow corporations to dictate what we eat, where we live, what we do for a living and how we entertain ourselves. We buy shit we don’t need because the television tells us to.  We want to look a certain way because of the ads we see in magazines.  Even our opinions are persuaded by the news we follow. To me it seem like our basic fundamentals of freedom that are rapidly being taken away from us. My goal is to redirect my life and […]