DIY Grow lights


Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to start your seeds.  This is a quick cheap easy way to build your own grow lights with supplies from a big box store.  All materials link to the product at big box depot.  I normally would use all recycled items but I know not everyone is running out to the dumpsters like I am so I got a bunch of crap from the store to show that anyone can do it.


Parts and materials that will be needed. 

1  Mini Strip 2-Light White Fluorescent Utility Light $34.99     really cheap second hand but make sure they work

3/4 in. x 10 ft. PVC Schedule 40 Plain-End Pipe $2.28

3/4 in. PVC Sch. 40 Socket Cap $.1.52

3/4 in. PVC Sch. 40 S x S Tee $.96

3/4 in. PVC Sch. 40 90-Degree S x S Elbow $.96

6 ft. 16/3 SPT-3 Appliance Cord – Gray $7.97     or cut off a 3 prong cord from an old appliance

36 in. Strip and Wrap Light Chain Hanger $5.37     or chain you can make do the same thing

2 10″x20″ Seed Starting Trays $10.54

Organic Soil $19.97


Standard Hack Saw

8 in. High-Leverage Diagonal-Cutting Pliers

1/16 in. Drill Bit


Flathead Screwdriver


Now that you have all the items needed to help grow your own food let’s begine.

Step 1

With the hack saw, cut the 10 ft PVC pipe into 4 6 inches sections, 2 at 2ft and the remaining section should be around 4 feet.

IMG_20150226_124529_546      IMG_20150226_123902_851


Step 2

Place 90 degree elbows on the 4 ft pipe and the 2 ft sections into the other end of the elbows.  Place the T fitting onto the bottom of the 2ft pieces with the 6in parts coming out of the T.  Lastly put the end caps on the end of each 6in pipe.

IMG_20150226_125140_100      IMG_20150226_125345_346

Step 3

Attach the power cord to the light fixture and run the wires out to one side of the light.  I am not an electrician and cannot give advice on how to do this but its very easy.


Step 4

Align the light with the 4 ft pipe and drill 1/8 holes above mounting holes on light. Then hang chain between light and pole.  Use the chain to run through the pipe or a paperclip.

IMG_20150226_130613_983      IMG_20150310_151024_388

Step 5

Place grow trays or plants underneath and start growing!