MLK, We Still Need Change


Yesterday we celebrated the life of a man who choose to stand up against an unfair and unjust system.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered because of his fight for equality among people. This fight is NOT over and the issues are now bigger and broader.  The people in this country are not free and what liberties we have left are quickly being taken away.

MLK spoke about 3 evils facing us, racism, militarism and economic exploitation.  The first one is obviously still here, racism.  Police are killing underprivileged kids the same way they arrested people like Rosa Parks for riding a bus.  Poor neighborhoods are neglected and underfunded while the “good” areas are given all the resources.  The second is militarism.  For all the people we killed in the Iraq war, way more than half were civilians.  This is genocide!  US military spends more than the rest of the 10 biggest countries put together, over 600 billion a year!  Imagine what problems we could fix with a 600 BILLION dollar a year budget.  The third is our economic exploitation.  I believe this one is the root problem faced by civilization.  GREED!  Our money is managed by a private company called the Federal Reserve Bank. Our laws and policies are written my corporations who bribe our government with lobbying and election contributions.  Our food system is effected by economic exploitation by letting food corporations give us the cheapest food with the highest ROI (return on investment) without monitoring the health consequences.  They are also killing our soils, waters and the air we breath to save some money.

All this needs to STOP!  The new revolution is here but it’s going to take each and everyone of us to make a difference.  I believe Permaculture can help achieve this monumental feat.  If we truly love one-another racism will cease to exist.  Militarism and economic exploration is only possible if we continue to feed its greedy hunger by buying shit we don’t need and wasting natural recourses.  Everyone wants a “better” lifestyle but fails to understand the extra money comes from someone else’s mouth.  Take away their money and their power will fall.

I am writing this blog, having weekly Meetups and becoming the change I want to see in the world to help teach people there is another way of living the American dream.  It does not include a get rich scheme but a way to get wealthy without money, finding freedom, happiness and having everything you need.


Thank you