Repurposed T-shirt Dog Toy


Now that I have a dog I realized that I need dog toys.  Being that I refuse to buy shit I had to figure out a way to make my own.  Up late last night I cut up some old dirty work tees and make a couple of pull toys for good old Eddie Murphy.  Hope you try one for yourself.

Step 1

Cut the sleeves off at the seams running around the armpit then along the top shoulders and the sides going from the armpit down.

IMG_20150215_165522_139 IMG_20150215_165728_575


Step 2

Cut the front or back into 9 strips and stretch them out to make them long and thin.

IMG_20150215_172113_796 IMG_20150215_172425_891


Step 3

Take 3 strips and begin to braid them.  Be sure to pull them tight.  Ask a friend to help. do this to the other 2 sets of 3.




Step 4

Now braid the 3 braided strips into one big braid.  Then tie off the ends.  Don’t worry that much about being neat, your dog is going to have fun shredding it.

IMG_20150217_122627_761    IMG_20150217_100206_242











Now spend some time with your dog and release some stress.