The Riviv Revolution



By 2016 (yes next year) the richest 1% will control more than half of the wealth that is on this planet.  I agree that hard work should be rewarded but at what cost?  Why do some people have the need to continue growing their wealth by taking from others?  How is this fair and how is it going to be fixed?

To start off I’d like to give my view of how we got to this point.

In the beginning people we were mostly self sufficient, If you needed something you produced it or bartered for it.  In time, people started using animals to assist them in producing what they needed and this made their lives more productive and easier.  This was a fair, symbiotic partnership between man and nature.  If you had any surplus you would barter it for surplus others had and kept it in the community.  Then people started to get greedy and asked, what if we could use other people like animals to do our work, this would definitely ensure an even easier, more productive life for us, so we did it.  We had fellow human beings produce what we needed without giving them their fair share and sold off the surplus for profit.  This did away with the barter system and created a need for money.  Money meant that some people could accumulate energy from others (their work) and become more powerful.

Now I know you are thinking, slavery right?…wrong!  Slavery is the most extreme example of this. Thankfully, after thousands of years, it’s nearly (used loosely) abolished.  We are now facing modern slavery, this requires the new slave owners to “pay” us so we could house, feed and keep ourselves healthy but not have the responsibility of owning us.  Most of us, that are not falling under the 23% unemployment rate, are paid less than what is needed to provide food, shelter and health.  The people that do make a few extra dollars bury themselves in another form of slavery/control called debt.  We are programed by the media to always want more than we have.  The more money we make the more we need to spend in order to “fit in”.  These are our new chains and they need to come OFF!

I feel we need a new kind of Revolution against the people holding the keys to our freedom.  We need to stand together as a people, not as Democrats or Republicans not white or black not cops or citizens but as living organisms sharing this planet together.  I feel the main issue we are up against is the growing need to accumulate wealth.  Now I understand we all need money to live and that’s why this revolution is going to be one of the hardest mankind has faced thus far.  We have built a system that has its foundation rooted in and revolving around the need for money.  From the poorest to the richest, our vision of the “american dream” is one that has an ever rising ceiling.  We are programed to believe we must keep working harder and harder to reach the next step of the social ladder in order to be a productive member of society.  Why can’t our american dream be to build a comfortable home for ourselves and the ones we love?…it can are you ready for change?

Change is going to only come when we decide to change.  We must stop asking the people that created this mess to fix it.  We must stop participating in the system we are complaining about.  We must take our destiny into our own hands, become the change we wish to see and it must start NOW!

This is how I am fighting in the Revolution.

1. Turn off the TV and other mass media.  I have better things to do then stare into a screen and allow others to entertain and program me.  What happened to the days of people interacting with each other?  Play a game with your family for christ’s sake.

2. Stop buying shit.  Is there really a need to buy all the shit we have in our homes?  I understand we do need some things to make life easier but you need to know when enough is enough.  The things we do buy should come from someone in your local community and not shipped thousands of miles away where someone was abused so you can buy more cheap crap.  When something breaks, fix it!

3. Grow something.  Our food is the biggest cause of most of the reasons why people die of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer’s and a list of many others.  We need to take responsibility to provide our own  nutrients.  This is another product we pay big corporations to alter, poison and rape in order to provide us an easy, cheap way of satisfying our hunger.   Want a snack, go outside and pick one.

These are just the 3 main things I am doing to help myself live a better life.  By not paying into the problem this strips away some of the chains holding me down as a Human.  All the above are going to hard to do because they are all addictions we have unknowingly become to view as “normal”.


Please come and fight the new Revolution with me and many other would have had enough with the problems in this world and understand the only person who can fix it is YOU!

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