Say No To Grass



Ever wonder why people say “grow food not lawns”? The food not lawns mantra is changing the way people see lawns, and many people would agree having food will always be better than grass, but few realize what an astronomical drain of resources, time and energy growing grass is here in the US.

Lawns cover over 40 million acres of our country. To help give that huge number a feel, consider 10 million acres are devoted to corn (our #1 crop). Consider also, watering lawns uses 19,551,060,000,000 gallons of fresh water a year (#1 use). Then, we dump 67,000,000 pounds of synthetic pesticides into our soil just trying to kill “weeds*”. That’s 10 times more than farmers use on their crops!

Lawns were first introduced by the rich to display their wealth to others. Imagine who cut it and the amount of work they had to put into it before the lawn mower. Already I DO NOT LIKE IT! I can go on but I’m sure you see the craziness of having a lawn. If you don’t you’re probably on the wrong website…HAHA.

Now I understand we all want green areas to run and play in, so here are some better alternatives that are also edible and have many medicinal properties. All 4 also produce beautiful little flowers that are loved by our bees and after they die add nutrients to the soil.

Have you looked beneath the surface of this unsustainable, archaic custom? Are you considering a change in what you’re mowing every weekend? My plan is to start planting a mixture of all four and integrate it into my “grass”. Contact me for questions big or small if you’re ready to make a change… or drop by my weekly permaculture Meetup to discuss this issue with other like minded people.

Happy Mowing!


1. White Clover Dutch or New Zealand



2. Plantain Broadleaf or Greater



3. Chicory

chicory-480 (1)

4. Dandelion