Simple DIY Worm Composting Bins


So yesterday was the second Urban Permaculture Meet and Greet Meetup and I will say it was a success.  We spoke about the importance of soil and a few options that can help.  One of the topics I really think will make a difference is composting.  Composting is something us urbanites can easily do with very little time and energy.  I briefly explained the different types of worm bins I use and people wanted some more info so here it is.

Worm composting is an easy low energy way to reduce the trash you send to the landfill.  By feeding your worms kitchen scraps, shredded junk mail and some cardboard you get one of the best fertilizers out there, worm castings and for free.

I have listed some simple and easy steps to build yourself one from scratch.  Hopefully you can find some discarded bins or buy them second hand.  Please be responsible in what you buy and from where.   It doesn’t make sense to buy something plastic that was shipped from China and think this is going to make a difference.

Happy making and saving


1. Find 2 bins and lids from a second hand store, or better yet, someones basement.

IMG_20150123_133929_542 IMG_20150123_133953_567


2. Drill holes along the top and bottom sides of one of the bins with a 1/8 in drill bit.  The worms need to breath

IMG_20150123_134017_202 IMG_20150123_134152_734


3. Drill same size drainage holes in the bottom and some on the lid of the same bin.

IMG_20150123_134337_138 IMG_20150123_134413_654


4. Place two bricks into the bin that does not have any holes.  This will catch the worm leachate (liquid)

IMG_20150123_134424_579 IMG_20150123_134454_528


5. Place the “holy” bin (hehe) onto the bricks in the “sinner” (non holy) bin. Place the “holy” lid first then the solid lid on top of that one.  You do not water getting in here.

6. Line the bottom with damp shredded paper, a layer of food scrapes then cover food with some more damp shredded paper to prevent it from smelling.

7. Place about 500 hungry Red Wigglers in there and enjoy!  You can get them online or come by and i’ll give you some.  You don’t need many because they will start making more ;)

There is also a smaller version I have below.  Same basic instructions

IMG_20150123_134748_019 IMG_20150123_134818_715


So there you go.  This weekend go hunting for some bins or buckets, get your drill with a 1/8 bit and start vermincomposting.

Thank you for saving the world




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  • Manu

    a company cleald Ecologico-Logic had its way, it just may be possible to compost garbage into nutritious mulch and we wouldn’t have to worry about garbage clogging up

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